Michal Kapral: The Joggler

Michal "The Joggler" Kapral of Toronto, Canada, holds the world record of 2:50:09 for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects. In what is likely some other kind of record, he also chewed gum every step of the way.

Michal "The Joggler" Kapral is a competitor in the fringe sport of joggling, the combination of running and juggling.

He and American joggler rival (and friend) Zach Warren have battled back and forth for the record, including two head-to-head joggling duels in the Boston Marathon (2006) and the Salt Lake City Marathon (2007). Michal is the current world record holder for the joggling marathon, with a time of 2:50:09, set at the 2007 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM). He also chewed gum (three sticks of Extra Bubblemint) for this entire world-record run.

For three years, Michal also held the record for the Fastest Marathon pushing a pram at 2:49:44 in the 2004 STWM - pushing 20-month old daughter Anika. That record was broken in 2007.

Michal is adept at juggling in his personal life too. He not only works full-time and beats Guinness World Records, but is also the first editor-in-chief at New Canadian Running Magazine - the only running magazine published in Canada and with all-Canadian content.

Michal has generously participated on the ARFL team while joggling in the STWM. Visit The Blogging Joggler to find out what Michalís plans are now.

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