Liane's Poems

Both these poems were written by Liane Forrester during the Christmas Holidays in late December 2002.

Memories in Sand

A name written in the sand,
will never last.
The waves come rolling,
high and fast.

Itís washed away,
the lines I just drew.
Forever the memories,
of me and you.

But the memories,
will never be gone,
if you believe,
from now on,

That I am waiting,
there for you,
written in the sand,
washed away by the ocean blue.

So take these memories.
Hold them close to your heart.
And from your side,
I shall never part.

Smile for me,
Iím better now.
Smile for me,
please donít frown.
Because Iím off to
a better place,
And there's nothing
you can do to see my face.
So please,
donít cry for me.

Liane's poems are published in a book called Infinite Memories. To order visit Kids for Kids Books, or phone (905) 338-5322. Proceeds go to the Liane Forrester Fund at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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